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Monday, September 27, 2021

Updated Notes on Downshifting

Tiny Scratches on Car 9 21. Do two things. Keep the area LIBERALLY WAXED and don’t excessive slide the covers to position. Lift and move them as one.


In the link below, nobody has any great ideas other than door protectors. I ordered two more sets of ding bats, but the newer ones look cheaper than the older ones and the magnet position may be more abrasive, actually, at the ends. And the only door protectors anybody talks about are dingbats, seem to have the market cornered.


OK I have one for you. There are tiny scratches about 10 or 11 on the right side of my car. They will not come out with spit or a towel. I can run my finger in some of them and I can feel there's some kind of ridge.


There's absolutely nothing on the left side of my car nothing it's clean as fucking you can get


if a door hit the car it would be a much bigger dang much bigger dent. Now somebody could be fucking with it just to fuck with me but I don't think they could put those door protectors back in the same position I left them in I know exactly what position they're in it would be almost impossible


So bottom line is the door protectors are leaving scratches in the motherfucking doors unless you have some other idea. They are about at the same height as the door protectors are too, but I ran my finger down the corners of the door protectors and I see nothing, nothing that would scratch fucking anything! welcome your opinions.


Notes to add on car scratches and cover for windshield. Eric felt the old door protectors and said there was nothing on them that would scratch anything but he did say there was dirt on them and dirt is an abrasive unless you use a rag and clean off the area you are going to put it on. there is a great chance that dirt can cause small scratches in the paint. Keep that area heavily waxed. Don't move the door guards around once they're on, if you do, lift them. Don't slide them around. He looked at the new door guards and he said there were some mild abrasive material on it and he scraped it all off. You need to do that periodically for each new door guard and make sure they are clean without dirt before you put them on the car!


as for putting on the car cover you need to fold it up in a zigzag pattern don't go the same direction.. go One Direction turn around and go the opposite direction and fold in that order, until it's all the way to the center


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