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Thursday, September 15, 2022

Full Hat Reserach Wash and New Trucker Caps

Here is the youtube video link


Ask them how to wash their hats. The hats I have were all purchased in last ten years. 39/30 fitted. Is it a cardboard or plastic brim . Can you submerge in water?


yeah Dawn liquid it's a degreaser and recommended by multiple places. get a soft brush on Friday, round scrub brush and toothbrush make sure to get the head band. check AndreaJeanCo on YouTube for a good cleaning video. pre-treat first with a spray of OxiClean on the headband then use the toothbrush, then soak in degreaser dishwashing liquid.. drag through it scrub again and let dry on rack. check the YouTube video how to clean any hat.


really nice article that has me even more confused on how to clean these.



Baseball Hat Cap Washer Washing Machine


Hat cleaner solution and brush


New Era has no phone number


Wrote them this. Did not contact 47 co. Their phone number in NY is (781) 702-2921. Can you give me specific instructions on how to clean a fitted 39/30 baseball cap? Just about all new baseball caps have plastic inside the brims, but I heard that New Era has a combination of cardboard and plastic in the brim. Can it be fully submerged in the water to clean without damaging the brim?


This is what I ordered before. It was directly from 47 brands, not Fanatics.




Remember you bought a Rams hat from them. Probably same hat. Not a fan of the crown.




Nice One Trucker


All Cotton







Saturday, January 8, 2022

Re: Letter Sent to the City tonight

I don't know, Carlos said it was possibly an OD, Bill said it was a suicide. Not sure where either got their information. Maybe it was a suicide/OD. She was always a little frail looking to me and not exactly athletic robust. Less room to maneuver if you fuck up.
I actually cried for a few minutes when I heard the news. Kellie was always cool and so sweet to me. She was like an unconditional and supportive friend. I hung out with both of them many times. She was probably a little impressed that I dated Tracy for a year.. and it was a tight bond we had for the first 9 months or so. "Like what does this guy have that my sister would jump in so deep?"
Really fucked up. Tracy must be beyond devastated. I feel for her. 

In a message dated 1/7/2022 8:33:37 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:
WTF happened to Kellie Colby? Medication fail?