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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Re: re Secluded Seattle Area house in Tacoma

No, Twice in 16 months. That drops it down to 1 in 8. Who gives a fuck what happened before that? The bank told me I was supposed to call them every year to renew the stop payment or somebody could tag my checking acct. for $2.5k.
They don't get to treat me like dirt and ghost me after leaving a fucking dead tree in my yard for a year and a half, that was partially blocking the walkway exit. My punishment for notifying the city about a dead tree that was about to fall on Drew's house.
I could demand my $36 I paid for the stop payment before. I get the 3 day notice part, but fuck them. Try renting a house sometime in the last 30 years from a slumlord who the city told me was one of the worst in LA for back fines.

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The mailboxes have been broken into twice in like 14 years (or more?), that's something like two out of 144 months. Given the horrendous shit that you would go through if they happen to serve you a 3-day notice, I would definitely pay rent timely. Not worth it IMHO.

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Mexican standoff with owners over rent check continues. They are ghosting me and refusing to tell me when they are coming and I just told them if I leave it down there and they wait a week to pick it up and it gets stolen, I will deduct the stop payment fee from the next check and make them wait another week for it. If they three day notice me, I will stop paying completely and make them take six months to get me out.
I HATE RENTING! And it's only going to get worse when they transfer ownership. NOBODY is running this place right now.

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I didn't say we are not going to have a stock market correction. We are due for one, and it is likely. However, before the other day, because the market was so out of balance (that bit about the PE Ratio around 30) that I thought we were heading for something major -- not a 10% correction, but like a 30% crash. But now that's the Dow's PE Ratio is back in normal range I'm no longer freaked.

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10 days ago you claimed you had no idea that houses were growing at such an exponential rate whatsoever. Even though you were pouring over Zillow for hours where the graph is on the front of every single house listing there. now you're confidently predicting the future of the market? that's quite a swing. I didn't hear Mark say that. and I also didn't hear Mark say that we weren't going to have a stock market correction because stocks were not all that overvalued.

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Houses can't possibly double again. As Mark said on that call, banks won't lend if the payments will be more than 30% to 40% of the customers income. If houses double, the average customer would be paying over 60% of their income for a house payment. No bank would ever make that kind of loan, because virtually every customer would default.

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my issue is not that I want to move, even though I hate the city. I love my house. But the issue is I have spinal stenosis. you saw me dragging my feet across the floor and tripping repeatedly last night, so it's getting worse. I literally cannot lift any leg to walk more than about 3 inches due to my back

I have been told by the property manager that there's going to be "big changes here" in the next few months when the new owner takes possession of the property.
The only thing keeping me in LA right now besides my friends and my opiates and things I get from my doctor, is this house. If they throw us out or tear it down for a condo or anything else, I'm not gonna have a choice. 
Eric has also indicated there is absolutely nothing for houses worth a shit anywhere in Los Angeles County. So if I'm going to have to leave, I can't stay in California unless I rent. and I cannot rent, move all my stuff into a rental and then ever expect to make yet another move to a house in my physical condition and my age. I have ONE move left in me. not to mention renting in Los Angeles would remove the only thing about here that I like, which is my house, so I would still be in the same shitty city, only this time in a shittier house.

So what it comes down to is if this place gets turned inside out and everybody has to leave, the only possible alternative I can think of where I would be close enough that I could come back once a month to pick up my meds and use Margaret's address for my doctor. Is if I moved to Vegas. Vegas has affordable houses, is a giant megalopolis with lots of people and the Poker community was born there. there are four dozen state of the art casinos and enough Poker that I could go out three times a week be around people for five or six hours a day in an activity I definitely enjoy and have shown over the years that I can break even at.

it is also weed legal and I know the place and I like the place a lot already.
if I move to Denver or Seattle what do I do all day every day if I can't connect with people? and this would only be magnified if I were to truly get a good deal on a house which would be someplace out in the boondocks where I'm totally isolated from everything. I think I would last about a year to 18 months before I would blow my brains out.

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I just can't imagine moving out of LA.  My life is pretty bad right now but moving would not help I think.        David

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I talked with my financial analyst today for an hour on the phone. He told me I need to sit awhile because houses are doubling in "value" every two years. He said it's insane to buy an overpriced house now and he told me I was more in the $450 to $500k max range and not the $600-$700k. With my progressive spinal stenosis I am also more interested in single story houses which are impossible to find in the areas I want (which does not include Texas and Arkansas)
he expects some sort of market correction to lower prices some, but that as long as interest rates remain so low and CA a-holes continue to rush to all the markets I am interested in and over extend themselves with mortgage loans they can't afford, it''s financial suicide to invest in a home. I countered with what makes you think in two years, the home prices won't just double as they have every ten years since 2012? In three years, I will be too old to move IMO. Turn 66 in 3 months.

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You can get those. You just need a van.
Ooops, sorry. Washington is for "lovers!"
I'm still recovering from when that show DEXTER ended with him hiding up there. The most obvious place for a serial killer to go!
Joeks aside, on a scale of 1 to I'M OUTTA HERE!, where are you with this concept? Halfway gone? 
If so I don't blame you. My most uncomfortably HAWT cousin lives in Lacey south of there. LOL
Mary, my mom, and I walked around Nisqually Nature Preserve and it was so beautiful it almost looked FAKE. Trees glistening in the filtered light, flowers and berries, egrets hunting rodents in tall grass, and even otters swimming out in the water. It was sick! :D

On Sat, Nov 27, 2021 at 12:28 AM Brian Bentley <> wrote:
Nice quiet place to retire or enter the witness protection program. Cool finished basement where my Grunge band can rehearse. Love the trees in front blocking house from street. Would need a woman companion though.

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Barry Taft
(626) 627-4965

Monday, November 1, 2021


Here's a true story about this, my first podcast in seven months. Exactly 3 years ago, Halloween 2018, I was at Kathryn Evans party and I met an interesting woman dressed as Prince. We start talking and Claire Didier told me she just wrapped as Editor and creative collaborator on the Lynyrd Skynyrd documentary, If I Leave Here Tomorrow. I had just seen it and considered it the best edited music documentary ever, so my mind was blown. Seriously, what were the odds I would run into the editor of the movie I had just watched the night before?
As it was Halloween, I was dressed in my usual Ronnie Van Zant Skynyrd hat, which Nick Scott reminded me again was overdone, but then Nick needed subtitles under his spoken words because I couldn't understand anything he was saying. (Something about being nicely medicated I think.)
Three years later, the Skynyrd documentary winds up on Netflix.. so I contacted Claire and set this podcast interview up and it went extremely well. Now for those out there who are not the greatest Skynyrd fans.. if you're a documentary music fan, this is a fascinating look at how these docs are put together, both technically and from an editorial standpoint, and why they are really blowing up right now. IMO The original Lynyrd Skynyrd's music was so extraordinary, it's surpasses all attempts to label it as just "Southern Rock." (any more than pigeonholing the Rolling Stones as a "blues cover band" lol)
I want to tag some people who have shown support for my podcast, and might want to check this out. Meanwhile, anyone who listens to it and approves, I encourage you to like or comment on the clip, and subscribe to my channel. This has been a really fun and rewarding outlet to keep me creatively busy and still in touch with the outside world. Hopefully see you all next Halloween?

Monday, September 27, 2021

Updated Notes on Downshifting

Tiny Scratches on Car 9 21. Do two things. Keep the area LIBERALLY WAXED and don’t excessive slide the covers to position. Lift and move them as one.


In the link below, nobody has any great ideas other than door protectors. I ordered two more sets of ding bats, but the newer ones look cheaper than the older ones and the magnet position may be more abrasive, actually, at the ends. And the only door protectors anybody talks about are dingbats, seem to have the market cornered.


OK I have one for you. There are tiny scratches about 10 or 11 on the right side of my car. They will not come out with spit or a towel. I can run my finger in some of them and I can feel there's some kind of ridge.


There's absolutely nothing on the left side of my car nothing it's clean as fucking you can get


if a door hit the car it would be a much bigger dang much bigger dent. Now somebody could be fucking with it just to fuck with me but I don't think they could put those door protectors back in the same position I left them in I know exactly what position they're in it would be almost impossible


So bottom line is the door protectors are leaving scratches in the motherfucking doors unless you have some other idea. They are about at the same height as the door protectors are too, but I ran my finger down the corners of the door protectors and I see nothing, nothing that would scratch fucking anything! welcome your opinions.


Notes to add on car scratches and cover for windshield. Eric felt the old door protectors and said there was nothing on them that would scratch anything but he did say there was dirt on them and dirt is an abrasive unless you use a rag and clean off the area you are going to put it on. there is a great chance that dirt can cause small scratches in the paint. Keep that area heavily waxed. Don't move the door guards around once they're on, if you do, lift them. Don't slide them around. He looked at the new door guards and he said there were some mild abrasive material on it and he scraped it all off. You need to do that periodically for each new door guard and make sure they are clean without dirt before you put them on the car!


as for putting on the car cover you need to fold it up in a zigzag pattern don't go the same direction.. go One Direction turn around and go the opposite direction and fold in that order, until it's all the way to the center


Monday, August 9, 2021

Sugar content labels

How to Inspect for the proper amounts of sugar on labels.


Note: Added sugar is the same as the amount of sugar on a label. It is a redundancy for some sort of legal reason. So if Cookies say 12g of sugar every 3 cookies, and then 12g of added sugar, it is 12g total, so says Margaret. 50g a day is the loosely recommended amount of sugar, so if the box says 3 cookies give you 24% of total allowed sugar, the math says it is 12g total.